Integrating Soil Biodiversity into Ecosystem Services


EU Soil Strategy's aim: By 2050, ensure all EU soils are healthy. To achieve this, integrating soil biodiversity into land management is crucial. Currently, soil biodiversity gets less attention in large monitoring efforts than higher plants and vertebrates. As a result, its contribution to ecosystem services is undervalued, unquantified, and lacks incorporation into EU policies. We’re here to redress this situation. Our mission is to spotlight soil biodiversity's role in ecosystems, integrate it into EU policies, and make its value visible to society.

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01 June 2023 start date
60 month of duration
8.4 Mil. € Budget
19 partners from 15 countries

Our community

We are a diverse community consisting of farmers, foresters, land managers, NGOs, international organisations, researchers, industry partners, policymakers, educators, the general public, and other soil-related EU-funded projects. Our common goal is to integrate ecological knowledge of soil biodiversity into everyone's daily lives.

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